Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby B.

I feel I need to offset the previous post with something less cynical...

Brennon turns six tomorrow-I absolutely cannot believe that child is six already!! I feel so...old.

I remember every detail about the day he was born like it was yesterday. Seventh grade. White sweater. Emperor's New Groove in the lobby. Balloons. Mom's smile. How little and adorable he was (even though he looked like an alien-face it, all newborns look like aliens.) Anyway.

When I came out to the car from work he said, "Oh there she is! I'm so happy to see you, Brooke!" He's proper enough to be British. Later in the night Cam and Eric were goofing off in the back seat and he goes, "Now, what is the trouble?" That kid. Apparently his kindergarten teacher thought he was OCD, even. Whaaaat??? haha.

Garrett sent him a dinosaur from Japan that was actually made in China and has a screw in the back of its head. Brennon decided to use it as a piggy bank since it's permanently decapitated.

After shoving everyone into a six-year-old-sized bench for a "Chuck E. Sketch" family portrait and Macey's-sized ice cream cones, everyone begged me to stay the night. I love them. I wish the little moments described the...things...between all of us. I guess it's just called love.

Happy birthday, baby B. I'll never stop kissing you too much or tucking you too tight in bed, even if you've decided you're a big kid who speaks well.

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kendra said...

Brennon is so precious. I love your family! woo woo!