Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Seed.

The seed.
Class assignment worth test weight: Grow a seed.
Not just any seed-no, no. A seed that is approximately the size of a pinhead. A seed that will be given to you at 9am in said class, to be hauled around with your plethora of junk ALL DAY without being smushed, crushed, powdered, or otherwise obliterated. A seed that will, promisedly*, grow into something wonderful and beautiful with vigilant care.

Well, I suppose I should admit at this point that I already took a seed.
And crushed it.
It was hard, okay?! Where was I supposed to put the dang thing? I had three other classes to go to, bus, work, and home-can you imagine the peril for a pinhead size object amid the chaos of bustling BYU students, clamoring UTA patrons, and impatient Alphagraphics customers? Jeopardy.
So that seed was history. Today, I admitted to my teacher that I am a loser/seed-killer and received another. Which I have been cautiously transporting all day-the saga unfolds.
Hug with Kaylie: I had to half-hug to shield it.
Study food buying: I had to make Kaylie fill up my baggie with Swedish Fish because my hands were full of seed.
Study food eating: Stupid Kaylie almost smashed it while trying to forcefully close my baggie so I wouldn't eat any more.
Studying: It required a stupid, stupid arrangement of seed on scriptures, scriptures on lap, ugh. It was stupid.
*I know promisedly is not a word. But it should be.

Oh, man! I started this post and it was going to be so clever and wonderful. But then I got distracted.

Anyway, amid all the obstacles and trails my seed survived and came out stronger because of it.
It now lives in a mug in the window sill.

I don't know what it's supposed to grow into.

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