Monday, March 15, 2010



You are now reading the blog of the newestly accepted SECONDARY CHORAL MUSIC EDUCATION MAJOR AT BYU!
Yeah. that's right.
OH MY GOSH, I cannot even describe my glee and joy and incredible feelings of general awesomeness in print.
Thank you all for your support, for believing in me, and for celebrating with me!

I know this is a huge blessing from Heaven--God knows what we need, people. He knows it so much better than we will ever know it. He gives us exactly what that is. I am so grateful to know that He is real, that He is loving and merciful, and that the hard things of life eventually work together for our good.


kendra said...

YAY!!!!!!! This is SOOO happy! I knew you could do it, my dear!


Breanna said...

BROOKE! I am celebrating for you in a NZ classroom all by myself! I did a few fist pumps.

I LOVE YOU! You deserve this more than anyone i know!

Lauren said...


Rebeccah Louise said...

BROOKE!BROOKE! BROOKE! I am freaking out for you too, I'm sooo happy for you!