Thursday, July 15, 2010

My brain is jigggggling

1. My brain is jiggling. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Serious—like when you get a twitch in your eye except it is inside my head, and very very odd.

2. OKAY. I’m a glee fan. FINE.

3. Being a glee fan has made me realize that not everyone gets chills when they listen to amazing music. Not that they don’t still enjoy it, but whoa. Didn’t know that. It’s part of the magic of music for me, the electricity it literally sends, the goosebumps it lends. HA! TOLD YOU MY BRAIN IS JIGGLING.

4. OKAY. Here are some engagement pictures. I know, I know.

5. less than a month. no home yet. it’s cool. i’ve got a DRESS. Which I ordered from China for very very ridiculously cheap and everyone told me not to and it is AMAZING. Would totes recommend it to anyone. also a kitchen table and maybe jared is going to build us a bed? yes please. bed please.


brookejared_34 e-1c2final




brookejared_44 ec  




brookejared_119 eb











kendra said...

Q T pies ;) Where did you take these? I love the location. I wanna listen to Glee music with you!!!


Katie said...

for some reason, words like "beautiful, gorgeous, congrats, happiness, wonderful" don't even begin to describe my impression of these pictures and the glorious event of your engagement/wedding.

So much joy in one post. Thank you for sharing your good news.

Lauren said...

You two look so happy!! Gorgeous. So in love! Aaaaaw :-)

Aaron and Lindsay said...

I love the picture you picked! You both look so good in it. I have the Glee sound track in my car right now, and hold Jared to making that bed. Aaron made me a shelf, and it is my favorite piece of furniture!

Jarm0160 said...

Oh M A N! You guys are so cute. I lovve you <3

Claire said...

woot WOOT!
Baby girl, these are splendid!

Your photographer is such an artist :)
But then again, anyone could make you look beautiful.

Kimi said...

I love them!! YOu guys are lookin good!