Sunday, February 12, 2012

Three Line Poems

I started with the title and went for three lines, and sometimes I had more to say.
My favorite is Lace.

Salt Shaker
contained beads of sweat
drip into the ocean
flitting home like a wave of grief.

A shivering fabric
Chokes up her neck
So fancy and free

Fireflies giggle obnoxiously
in a symphony
You blinked at me with open eyes.

All of the things in this room stood still
While the rice shattered on the floor
Like opaque diamonds.

The recipe called for you
And I said I'm improvising
We borrowed an egg from a neighbor
down the street three houses away
Your dad was on a diet
And we licked frosting off
cake for breakfast.

Killing Stones
Strange and expensive
not rare; blood kind
like the deep red flesh of an orange
by the same name.

My email was hacked
And I felt hurt--attacked
By spammers in India.

1 comment:

Faith Simonsen said...

Haha I like "hurt" because my e-mail was also hacked! And I also felt hurt. But they were in Jerusalem... I will never be able to enter my password right on the first time ever again.

I like these Brooke.