Tuesday, September 22, 2009


sunday. 20. september. 2009.

moss green dress, coral belt, purple shoes, yellow earrings. blushed like crazy when ________________________________________!

didn’t expect that; not used to having incriminating things to fill in the blanks. nails cut too short, church too long—just a little. long enough for me to draw a flower in blue pen on my left thumbnail so mom thought i had a crushed finger. wanted to kiss the sparkling kitchen floors and the full, ample cupboards. delicious food and home, family, a thousand percent comfortable. me n gbeech jammed all the way back to ptown, christian rock and “ooohhh,” he said. “i’ve got the sickest gospel song for you.”

home to an empty, musty house. one day i think the mold will peel away the whole floor out from underneath us until there’s nothing left but a crumbly ball of green algae and potato bugs flailing—turned wrong side out, belly up.

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Lyndsi Shae* said...

Oh how I relate with your bitter moldy accusations toward the place in which you reside! I want to tell you that it will get better! Because this nast has been my life for a while now.

It does get better, but only because your roommates rock and the church is true and your life is gonna be okay. And not actually because the mold resolves itself or the bugs head out. Sorry love, I just understand.