Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here’s what I’ve learned about humans.

we can get used to anything.

Life without certain people, terrible smells,

bugs in your bathroom and not having a

shower curtain.

We are very good at this. But only to a

certain point,

after which all of the bugs and missing

people and the smells make a monstrous

pile that we set on fire with just a drop

of emotion.

They become a mountain of dry brush

that explodes,

and then gives way to ashes upon ashes—

but at least it’s a smaller pile now

more manageable.

This is the pile we sweep under that one

famous rug.


Rebeccah Louise said...

i want you to take more engagements but Trav said no, on account of apparently he hates having his picture taken more than he hates the nazis.
Buuuut, will you take Bridals for me?
Also, anything that you are willing to photograph round wedding time would be freaking fantastic.

kendra said...

I am definitely human.

I miss living with you.