Thursday, August 27, 2009

confessions less severe than usher's. still shameful.

I don't read the newspaper.

But I get it.


But I don't read it.

I paid some little boy eight precious dollars to receive a newspaper I don't even open.
I don't even read online news.
And I certainly, absolutely do not WATCH the news, like on TV. I feel that this makes me a bad citizen and that I need to repent and do better. I know this is shameful and terrible, but it is true. The closest I get to news: Freakonomics blog. I repeat: I am an ignorant nobody like all the politics experts feel so sorry for and are so angry at. I do not read news ever. It sits right under my nose and I do not, for all my love and adoration of reading, pick the thing up and read it.

And I am a typical human, making all breeds of excuses like I cannot read the newspaper because I don't drink coffee, and people who read the newspaper always read it while they drink coffee; or, I can't read the newspaper because the report is slanted and I want to get all sides of the story, so I should have to fly to Iraq and check it out for my own eyes; or, I can't watch the news because it is depressing and also far too loud and permeating every day of my life anyway and I don't believe in it. I think I have some issues to work out in the media department.

blah, blah, blah.
I feel like I'm rapping my fist on the computer screen shouting "HELLO? ANYBODY?"
I'm still deciding how I feel about this whole anyone-can-know-my-deepest-dreams-and-thoughts deal. Anyone. Even people I despise, or people I adore from afar, or people who don't know me at all or (WORSE!) people that know me vaguely SLASH very well.

So until I decide, you can read about how I don't read the newspaper.


Claire said...

I have thought about posting a blog with a theme like this one's. I was too nervous. Or just didn't get around to it. I swear I want to be more'd think that would make us do something about it.
Will the little boy continue delivering papes to 304 even though you're gone?

Aaron and Lindsay said...

speaking of people who look at your blog without you knowing...I have a confession. I don't know you..YET, but already think you're great!
P.S. this is Jared's sister.

Becki said...

as far as getting an unbiased report on something, I would recommend instead ignoring anything that pretends not to have a bias and skip right to the editorials that state their bias. At least that way you KNOW and can read it from all the sides.

brooke said...

Clairey. I hope he doesn't continue to litter 304 with unread news. I feel like I have lied to him.

Lindsay! I've heard so much about you! I'm glad we can be friends in cyber space until I get to meet you :)

Becki. This post was mostly inspired by you, because I admire how informed you are. So I'm going to try to be better...and I'll start with the editorials.