Monday, August 3, 2009

universe needs some educashun

Enclave Parties Summer 09 074-pola01b   as luck would have it,
   as fate would dictate it,
   one week.
   as destiny that-i-can't-decide-if-i-believe-in would want it,
   probably forever.

     all these reunions and happy feel-good times are no longer  mine, because what the heck august came anyway, against my will. i want june chan back.

                               this sucks.

thx u r so kewl eye lurve u qt,
now if u could jus be n mi life id be so ha-p bc eye need u more than eye admit n eye am sa-p so sry but plz cant u jus rearrange the universe?

sometimes it doesn’t know what it’s doing so we hafta educate it.

it should go to college. the universe, i mean. it should go to the right college, with me, not in stupid cold small cave apartment place idaho, and do things how they’re supposed to be.

it ain’t posed ta be this way—tell stupidhead universe i said so.


Aimee said...

life is no fair sometimes. unfortunately. hope it all works out for you in the long run.


kaylie jean said...

every goodbye dictates a hello. you simply must decide what will be on the other end.

i love you a lot. and i understand. everything will work out alright, i just know it.

just keep swimming. :)

love you.