Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nutso-Emotional, or just passionate. Either way, HERE I COME.

My freshly painted enthusiasm seems to have gotten a little sticky with too-quick overuse, and I wanted to run away, again. There’s something about that ‘again’ that just makes it so prickly and defeating. Again. I have these fears often, Again admits. Like every-day often.

How do i sift through the compost of my ridiculously large fears of inadequacy when the precise problem is that i cannot do anything? i don’t have enough money to eat, let alone to sing. singing costs money, i bet you didn’t know. and then i have to, like, pay for an apartment on top of that. but i have to keep flowing into something better and greater and bigger than my own little voice…i tire of my own crutches.

i want to be the blind leading the seeing, the knowledgeable, teaching them about the sky the way blind people only seem to know—awareness, appreciation.

and it has to be instinctive, like typing without looking….all this without looking. blind. it is inside me, the instinct. i want spark it inside others, without pretense and with a whole truckload of emotion. i read that passion is defined as being highly emotional. Gosh, passion just sounds so much more sophisticated than blown out of proportion emotional.

it is these emotions, i’ve described, that lead me to do what i do. steve jobs says you gotta find what you love; he dropped out of college and was just as broke as i’m about to be, and then he became a bajillionare and then he got fired and started all over again, and he liked it. he says it’s all because he loves what he does. and he re-evaluates every day and decides how he wants to live his life, because he almost died one time from cancer. this dude has got to become a mormon, gosh, just read it.

and so i want to do what i love, with no delays. the enthusiasm is still sticky. I warn you, I’m still going to be afraid. I already know. But every day, I feel it stronger. i’m going to give up the padding of education and a bunch of study study reading reading practicing times seventy nine for years before i start. well, i mean, i still want that, that’s the goal. so the point is, i’m not going to wait.

this fall, i am starting a community gospel choir.

in provo. and i’m going to be the director. (eek.squeal!)

we’re going to sing gospel and soul music. (just fyi, soul is just the secular version of gospel.)

and you’re going to be in my choir.

yes, you. i do not care if you have never sung a note; singing is instinctive in all human beings. i can give you the love. remember those fears and the inadequacies? we must do the things we think we cannot.

i also do not care if you’ve never heard a lick of gospel. you’ll be converted. and we’ll shout amens together and clap our hands and smile and get uplifted and just you wait!! you’re gonna love it.

I’m probably going to knock on your door and harass you.

so, what i mean is, see you there.


Breanna said...

no way! you are so brave. i want to be a part of Brooke Beecher's choir.

kendra said...

you already know i'm in!

"take me by the hand and stay beside me *beside me* lead me lord oh, lead me!!"

woo hoo!

Rebeccah Louise said...

ohno! I don't WANT to join. But since you said that I have to, I guess that I will.
Also, how do you feel about Friday evening, and the taking of engagement pictures? or Saturday, or Sunday? Whenever.

brooke said...

Breanna. you are already enrolled, just because you read this post.

Steve. yes you can join--if you wanna come to provo every week. so yes.

Kendra. you are gonna be my superstaaa diva.

Becky. i hope that you are serious about doing it, because i am demanding it. how about as payment for me taking pics of you, you join mah choir. and travis also. and pictures...friday night might be a possibility. saturday we are moving out and cleaning and all that junnnnnnk so let's shoot for friday. text me about times. I AM SO EXCITED!!

Rica said...

Sounds like an AWESOME idea! I always loved hearing you belt out some soul at choir practice.