Monday, January 4, 2010

just a big ol game.

I forgot my notebook/I hate typing/I hate computers/my eye hurts/I woke up thrilled today/I had revelations as I walked to campus/

Jared asked me today if this sweater was new—I said, no, I just never wear it

Because it’s pink?

Yes. Pink requires me feeling a very certain way.

What’s that?

Really happy and comfortable with myself, I said.

Revelations about gospel choir and marvelous medleys/do I have pink eye, maybe? HAH./ beach time in california—want/the name ‘joss’/ the name noah and how the two couples both want it/well, whatever/practicing was not torture today/lifeisjustabigolgammme to me.

life is just a big ol game to me.

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sista jones. said...

i see the song spoke to you :P