Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It’s called AGHHHHHGGH.

My life is an explosion.

It is a huge, big, fat, combustible mass of music education and a boyfriend and fireworks and stress and rent checks.

It makes me want to plop down really hard every time I sit and be like, “Agggggghhhh.” AGHHHHH. AGHHHHHHHHGHGGG.

It makes me want to collapse my insides, fold them down like an accordion and put my head in my hands and say “UGHHHHHH.” UGGGGHHHHGGGGH.




I will stop this complaint as is, to spare you the melodrama.


Lauren said...

I hope things get better!

kendra said...

Baby I need your lovin'

Let's forget about all this BLAHness and play this weekend. Deal? I need to hear about your life and just love you a lot!