Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is It.

This application, this calling in life, this is my chance to be Michael Jackson.
He just says how he wants it to be—he has that inexplicable crystal clear vision. And this is his whole LIFE. This is what he comes home to at night—what he eats, breathes and sleeps. The Vision.
This is it.
Wow, sweet that I get to be MJ, huh.
And he loves it. He worships it. For the fans, for the sake of creating something incredible. To change people. To be wonderful.


Music is the constant surging power in my life, the driving force that pushes me or helps me be still or makes me dance or sing. But it is always the HEIGHT, the breadth and depth of every element of my life. For some, music is an added adornment, for special occasions—like powdered sugar. But for me, no. It is the lifeblood. This is it.

Music always gives back. It gives me everything, absolutely everything I need, and it's inside my own self—bubbling up through my blood, surging in the membranes of my cells, rattling my bones and flooding out through every pore, the little hairs on the back of my neck and my ear lobes and kneecaps and pinky toenails.

It is all inside me, and then, when I let it go, it is all around me. The sparks encase me in a bubble of the fountain of everything wonderful. It is so dynamic and vibrant and living; I feel I can for sure reach out and touch. I grab hold and we fly away...


Every time I walk into a room to play the piano and sing, I quote Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans: "Mmm, this is mah sanctuary," he says.

I say those words out loud, so they can bounce back and reverberate in me. I sit down and feel literal chills coursing through me—every time.

These things are the most real and resonant to my heart. I really know them. I really feel them. I'm kind of amazed by that.

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