Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Autumn Leaves (yes, it inevitably does)

I don't know what to do when the leaves haven't fallen by December 9th.
They were so fun to crunch in October, and I was so happy that the snow hadn't taken them away yet in November, because I wanted to keep jumping and crunching and watching them swirl in wind.
They're supposed to be long shriveled up by now, gone away-to make room for whatever snow/slush junk is deciding to fall from the sky this winter. Instead, they're just there, oddly amid the Christmas lights on University Avenue and not quite stuck to the sidewalk, caked in ice-but no longer fit for crunching. They can even make you slip, if you're not careful.
Autumn leaves.
It's inevitable-I was so thrilled when I got what I thought I wanted, thought it was staying-but really, it's been gone for a good while now.

I feel like those leaves.


Carrie said...

I love your title. Incredibly witty.

kendra said...

I miss the crunchy leaves. Also I miss colors. Winter is so drab.

claire.bear said...

When I read your title, I expected a colorful description of autumn leaves in all their beauty, or something of the sort.
Instead, you surprised me multiple times with the irony of your wordplay.
Ingenious, my dear.