Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yeah baby.

The less likely things to love about BYU.
Everyone already knows I love all the child brides and creepy RMs. These are the less likely things to love about BYU:

1. The booths in the Wilk. All the people handing me flyers and free candy, I feel like a celebrity! Yesterday I walked out of that place with vitamin water, an apple, and two mini Twix. Serious.
But those booths are good for more than complimentary teeth rotting and tree killing. They make me feel in the know. I let everyone give me their spiel-I know all about summer camp counseling, divine comedy this weekend, and supporting art education with little handmade Christmas cards. People are doing cool stuff at this place-I love learning about it. If I could only snag a free t-shrit...

2. The library-and its many functions. Where else can you sleep, scope, and study all in one stop? I've positively mastered the art of sleeping in the library. Periodicals, first chair to the right-I lay my head down and emerge exactly twenty minutes later every time, a new woman. I need to get me one of those chairs! I hear all the best scoping happens in Periodicals, too-I mean, really-I can't even count the times boys have left their numbers by my drooling mouth in hopes that I might consider them when I awake.
Also-the library is pretty. The Christmas decorations, glass ceilings-I remember the first time I went in there and how I felt about it. I think that's when I first starting believing in love at first sight...
I love to peruse the positively ENDLESS collection of books. One time I went there for a book on Jane Austen and the body. Not Jane Austen-Jane Austen and the body. They had rows and rows and rows!! Although I was less than giddy about having to sift through all of them-not to mention the fact that it's ridiculous that so many authors have so much to say about Jane Austen and the body-it makes me giddy to think that there's THAT much there. I wish I had a million years just to read every work in that place. Ahhh, I'm salivating.
However, I'm just realizing that this is kind of oxymoronic-here I am writing about how much I love and adore the library and it's finals week and what am I doing? Not studying in the library-blogging about the library. I guess it's a step in the right direction.

3. Making fun of the smell of the MARB. Not the actual smell of the MARB-no, that is a ghastly topic I prefer not to discuss-making fun of it. That stench seriously almost kept me from taking Brother Bott's mission prep class. When I saw that it was in the MARB I tried to honestly and objectively ask myself: "Is it worth it? Will you really be able to ignore that terrifyingly horrific aroma of old people for two whole hours every week?" I'll never get over it. I avoid that building like the plague! Probably because there is an actual plague IN that place. Freak.

4. The fashion range. You got your zoobies and your fashionistas, your to-the-ankle velvet numbers and your leggings with...wait, a shirt? Wait, when did pants become unnecessary? Don't get me on a modesty soapbox. Best of all is when these two meet up-for a second they both consider adopting an element of the other's style (Velvet leggings? So fetch) and then look each other up and down with that "poor unfortunate soul" kind of glance. I stop to watch every time.

Oh, there are so many more-I want to hear your favorites. GO!


kendra said...

BYU is the best. No lie.

and apparently I need to study in the periodicals more often.

The Crazy Clawson's said...

wow....that is all i can and lyns here at work, just laughing at how freakin awesome you are. Honestly i love you as my bff

Carrie said...

oh heavens i have so many but i might have to save them for the next DC try out.

brooke, you are hilarious. i love it.