Monday, February 9, 2009

i's goooooddd.

The most fantastic, stretching, wonderful experiences have been happening lately.
To me and to the people I love-so many things!
I talk about this all the time, literally-but my fantastic wonderful experience of the week was deciding that I'm going to be a music teacher-no looking back, no second thoughts. I know it's going to be hard but WOW it's gonna be great.
Why is it so great?! Every day we talk about how freaking wonderful our lives are and how much we love each other.
Okay, pause-this blog is not going to be well-written. It is simply a celebration of the goodness and happiness that's in this life even when we feel like things haven't totally come together, and when they have and are and do! (I told you-don't expect no literary mastapiece.)

This is the stuff I came to college to learn about.
Dreams and reality and how they fit together. My will and God's. Others and me. Us. People. And, as ashamed as I sometimes am about it, looooove.
"We love each other!"


Claire Sorensen said...

Yes we do! Yes we do!

I love you so much girl. Thanks for lovin' me back. I am so proud of all that you're doing right now.

kendra said...

We love each other!!

I am so excited to see what the future holds for us all!

ms-mclaws said...

what a happy post! i love it ms brooke :) thanks for the reminder of how wonderful life is, and especially this portion of our life. AMAZING!

Summer said...

And your students will be so super lucky Brookie. Wow you amaze me. You could do and be anything you wanted. So many many gifts. You want me name off a couple? about hair, design, photography, writer (yes your writing is superbly witty and very entertaining), singer've got talent oozing out your eyeballs lady. And the bestest part is that you've got everything it takes and more to be a phenomenal wife & mother some day. I see the way you interact with Brennon and all other little've got a gift. Dang lucky is the man who wins your heart. I dare say he'll be the luckiest man my dear brooke are one of a kind and I mean that with all my heart. Wish I was 6 years younger so we could have roomed together at college......what an adventure that would have been! :)