Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Sandwich.

Where are you every night at nine-thirty?
I am skipping down the stairs, brandishing my Office theme song-singing phone and gathering my best friends together around our busted coffee table. The alarm title in my phone? "Apt. Prayer!!"

*Tangent: I wish they had churchy ringtones so that could be the alarm instead of the Office. Well, The Office is practically a religion, too...but that's an entirely separate topic.

I love apartment prayer. It gives me that inexplicable feeling-the only word I can think of is 'full.' Entirely filled. That's why I'm always laughing obnoxiously and jumping around when I'm home, especially on a night like tonight when I have been studying the scriptures for homework (wow, I love BYU) for two hours and I just feel good, no matter what the day was like! And the love sandwich after? Oh, mama.

*Side note: a love sandwich is a Beecher home original. It's basically a group hug, but includes extra amor-plus calling it a love sandwich is way cooler. In Apt. 304 it is around said busted coffee table and usually includes copious amounts of back rubbing, giggling, and head-down aura-partaking.

Mmm, can't wait until 9:30 tomorrow night.


kendra said...

Love apartment prayer. Love the sandwich. I am converted.

Rebeccah Louise said...

i am sad that i miss things like that.

Claire Sorensen said...

Office theme song. Best friends together. Busted coffee table.

Entirely filled. I feel this way everyday. We are so lucky.