Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dinner Party

Isn't there a way I can consume every wonderful piece of literature ever created?

Can't I read like I chew?

Chomp up and swallow the words, taste them, roll them around in my mouth?

People spend so much time writing books-sometimes lifetimes developing the ideas-and then we read them in hours! It's like magic. Music to my ears-it's the ultimate in sharing. The other magic: it doesn't even take talent to read. If you like it, you're automatically good at it. How much better does it get?


Claire said...

All I can say is: Summer.

The time when we can read as much as we want...ideally.

You are especially great with imagery. I love it!

kendra said...

remember that one time when we had a book club? yeah.

If we ever do that again let's make sure it doesn't die.