Thursday, March 19, 2009

More than a man, less than a pioneer.

My daddy called me today and casually announced that he is going to be the seminary principal at West Lake High (name of the brand new Saratoga Springs High school opening up ) this fall. Opening a new seminary all his own! Training the teachers the way he wants, training the students, setting everything how he wants and getting back in the classroom, FINALLY. 4 years of the COB will drive any normal person to drink-that's why my dad is more than a man, but less than a pioneer.*
My old man is living my dream-to make a difference the way he wants, teach the way he wants-at age 40huminaha. Am I crazy to think I can live mine starting at 19?
Kendra and I had a freaking amazing discussion tonight about teaching and how we're going to collaborate and make wonderful things happen. In my excitement, I was like, "Yeah! And when I have my Jason Mraz unit you can come be a guest speaker!!"
But now I'm realizing....probably lots of schools aren't okay with a Jason Mraz unit.
Can't I just make my own school system?
Blah, blah. Logistics. I should just be able to do. Let me be, school systems! Just let me skip the rest of college and start teaching! Don't bug me anymore.

*this is a direct quote from an 'about me' Garrett did for the 'dad' 1995.


kendra said...


Please live the dream. I want to take the jason mraz unit from you.

Rebeccah Louise said...

Jason Mraz Unit. What child doesn't need that?