Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday in 10 Items or Less

Let me just tell you about my day today. Would you like to know?

1. Interview for awesome opportunity I'm thrilled at the prospect of: check
2. Peruse bookstore, explore everything from "Simply Dessert" to "On Becoming An Artist: Secrets of the Capacity for Change Using the Human Mind": done
3. Wonder what I could find more important than spending my life reading every book in the BYU library: happened
4. Amazing photography class with Bethany Jackman : so inspiring.
5. Irresponsible consumption of Kraft caramels: um. yes.
6. Delicious din with the girls: got excited to cook for family, for once in my life.
7. Spanish test: aced.
8. New BYU ID card: picture looks freaking good. Thank you, hair. I remember why I keep you.
9. Obtain seed #3 for exam: hopes of less pain than the previous two.
10. Feeling like my life has purpose, meaning, direction, and potential: a glimpse:D:D


kendra said...

This post is pure happiness!

Claire said...

I love this kind of post the best. I love your layout right now. I love your way of writing.

I just love you.