Saturday, March 21, 2009

Post #51

I have a very specific reason for posting today: I just saw that I have a total of 50 posts on this blog, and I have to change it.
I have a weird complex about numbers/time. I don't ever, ever set my alarm for 6:30. It has to be 6:27 or 6:28, 6:32...for some reason, I hate the monotony of waking up at a logical increment of time.
This is one of many symptoms of a greater condition: thriving on change. I crave it. It permeates my life, from needing 37 combinations of shampoo/conditioner to never being able to eat the same cereal two mornings in a row. Sure, I'll never get the guts to go totally blonde or wear my 'Tuesday' underwear on Saturday*-but when I think of the worst feelings in the world monotony is pretty close to the top of the list. There is so much life to live, so much world to experience that I have to try every single way. So what does it feel like to wake up at 6:26 instead of 6:30? It feels four minutes earlier. But I am happier to see the numbers-thinking somehow I'm sticking it to The Man.

So here it is, post #51, redefining the way you get up, eat breakfast, and shampoo your hair.

*This happened once by accident. It was a disaster.

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Ash said...

i totally do that. i'm not even kidding. i used to wake up at 6:07 every morning. why?

1) looking at a screen that has all different numbers is a more interesting thing to wake up to.
b) maybe sometimes you are the only one waking up at that time, which is a special feeling.
III.) it's just not normal. which is even better.

i'll snap to that, brooketh.