Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear Michael Jackson

Don't die, please! I know you are a rotten person but I love you and your music is music to my ears, and it is so great, and you are still an icon to me, and although you probably should have keeled over years ago to preserve some sort of dignity I want you back!

There was still some flicker of hope inside my heart that he would decide to change his life and make more wonderful, wonderful music. That was all I wanted. Is this so unreasonable?

Sorry Michael, about the whole dying gag. Sorry that you had to kick the can in such a sorry state. Good luck in the hereafter--you're going to really, really need it. You'll always be the King of Pop to me, and I will force my children to listen to you and adore you as I. Your legacy will live on. I am glad your fashion sense has not. Love, Brooke

p.s. FARRAH died today too? What kind of day is this??

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