Monday, June 1, 2009

Honest Monday

I suppose every day should be honest, but this Monday I am being extra up front.
This translates to complaining.

I HAVE THE BIGGEST MOSQUITO BITE IN HISTORY. AND I have no idea how it happened, because it is in a, er, remote location, where clothing was absolutely covering--or rather, is covering, at all times (unless, of course, I am undressing in front of the entire Enclave--a different topic entirely. More on that in a bit). I would take a picture, but. hmf. Just trust me. This thing is hugemongous. Bigfoot in mosquito bite form. This is not a joke. And this means itching, people. OHHHH it begs me to scratch and claw and X-mark all day long! Which presents yet another problem: because of the remote location of Bigfoot Bite, it doesn't look so hot to onlookers when I oblige. To top it all off, I have about seventeen other bites obtained from a grand total of two hours outside yesterday. The most ridiculous of these being right below my left eyebrow. Who knew there was even stuff to suck there? Freak, I'm going to need a blood transfusion by the end of the summer.

I really, really, really like chocolate covered cinnamon bears. And I consumed a ridiculous amount today.

I recently learned that I sometimes unknowingly undress in front of the entire Enclave; turns out if you twist the blinds UP it appears as if your blinds are completely open. Now the entire ward will be painfully aware of Bigfoot Bite. Pooh, poo.

I really, really hate dressing up for work some days. And I don't even dress up that much! It was a mad rush for the pj's upon arriving home today, and I am most likely going to attend FHE in the "Official Band Member: Watch out for BURSTS of Enthusiasm" shirt I am sporting.
I lead such an unglamorous life. Sometimes I'm bad at being girly.

Other times I am really, really good at being girly. e.g. with Jared Schultz. My boyfriend, hehh. I'm good at being girly-annoying in that category, yep.

I really, really would like Kaylie to come over this minute. She is quite a lovely girl, and my Self needs more of her Self. And so, I submit this query to the universe: please bring me more Kaylie, I would like this very much, please and thank you, Brooke.

And that is all for bloggifying my steady stream of whining. Thanks for tuning in.


Claire said...

Oh oh oh.
I love Brooke.
Oh oh oh.
I just can't get enough.

Becki said...

dressing up never gets any better.

I promise.

kendra said...


I laughed out loud when I read this. All of it.