Monday, June 29, 2009

to enlighten you,

1. sushi is most wonderful when enjoyed with a sushi expert, who also happens to be ambidextrous and really, really dreamy.
thanks, Boyfriend. sorry my chopstick abilities are severely...severe. dismal. in the most terrible way.
i will practice, then i will be irresistable to you?

2. brothers are most wonderful when they are home from their missions. they are funny when they are still a lil awk around girls. they are excellent at doing disneyworld things. they are suddenly really great at calling you and caring about your life and advice.

3. other brothers are most wonderful when they are confessing your likage of your boyfriend to said boyfriend...and telling Boyfriend that you guys can never break up, coupled with a marriage threat.
bonus: denying all recollection of having made such threats.

4. mothers are most wonderful when they...well, all the time, who am i kidding. they make you feel like a million bajillion bucks for doing the most barely noteworthy tasks. they are excellent at all things womanly, and make you feel like you can semi-do the impossible task of filling their shoes one day. which is awesome.

5. friends are most wonderful when with you.
close runner ups include but are not limited to when they make beautiful music with you, and get terribly, terribly sore with you (for non-legit reasons, so they will remain nameless) and take your pasta salad into the house for you, and go visiting teaching with you.


kendra said...

6. Brooke is most wonderful when she blogs about beautiful things and wraps them all into some lovely words and makes you feel all happy inside, making you want to be with her in person and not at work.

kaTie said...

i am glad i am liked for taking pasta salad into the house.

brooke said...

i feeel you, kenj.
i feeel your legit-ness, kate.

Allie said...

what a delight. i especially like the scenario of the brother telling boyfriend that you two can't break up. some things are universal i think.