Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I will name my firstborn 'June'

June 3, 2009.
This June's gonna be a great June. Possibly a June to kick all other June's butts.
My brother, my older brother, my best friend brother, gets to fall into my arms in no less than nine days. NINE. I don't know how experienced you are at counting, but people, this is HUGE. Or rather--very small.
If you have spoken to me in the past oh, five months, you understand that I am going crazy. nuts. bonkers. batty. dopey. alfjdalksfjdalsjdfioasjdf.
This brother of mine, he's been a favorite for a while now. A recent favorite: this boy I know named Jared. He's pretty cool. HE gets to fall into my, I mean, yeah, no less than two days, for short, and twenty-one days for long.

Also coming this June: Disneyworld. 'Nuff said, yes?! Family vaca, altogether for the first time in a long time, and probably for the last time in a long time.
Yes, yes, June, I'm feeling pretty great about you this go round.


Kami said...

My gosh, can it have been two years already? I'm pretty jealous of your June, Brookie.

kendra said...

June sounds delicious! How delightful.