Friday, June 26, 2009


sunburn. walt disney world. magic. fireworks. chandlers. mexican food, delicious. closest family bonding to date. lost in the car. sweaty, hot, breathing more water than air. running, dripping for a ridiculous amount of time. sharing a bed with b., rolling him over so as not to be crushed. hosekeeping. confusing cameron for garrett. pass along cards. shake&bake chicken. copious amounts of hamburgers, pizza, and ice cream. white sand. missing out on the girls' adventures. driving in the city. highway. fans. airplane. funny brennon: "i'm clever!" , "garrett, you smell like socks." family vacation.

Traveling is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Take that back, the ultimate favorite. I adore airports. Seeing busy people from busy places all over buy expensive coffee and fiddle on their laptops. I love to smell that coffee, gosh. I think about what life is like for them, what the Wednesday I go to Disneyworld looks like through the prism of their life. I love to press my nose against the plexiglass of the plane window (which is most likely not plexiglass at all, I have no idea, in truth) and I look out and down at the world in green and brown squared and perfectly orchestrated trails of bluish-brown water. So mechanically wonderful and magnificently un-flawed. Magic.

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Claire said...

This is my favorite in a long time. Or maybe just my favorite of today. Let's live together in the Fall.
Okay, deal.