Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Optional is an excellent option

"i wish going to the bathroom were optional." -becki

i feeeel you.

things i really hate in regard to bathrooms:

+one ply anything
(recently claire and i purchased some very thick, very quilted 2-ply t.p. MAN we are livin large.)

+paper towels that are far too small to accomplish anything (AND ALSO, ONE-PLY)
(when i have to get four or even five of those tree corpses, i turn mean, and wish for the blow dryer contraptions)
-double hate if they are scratchy, which, all over campus, they invariably are. where is my tuition GOING?? we can't even afford some decent bathroom accessories in this joint?

+the stench of public restrooms, particularly the one closest to my office

+the inconvenience of traveling from my office to a semi-decent smelling restroom

+the awkwardness of public restrooms, semi-decent smelling or no

+the people who want to make awkward conversation stall-to-stall
(aren't you busy over there?)

+the lounge area in luxurious bathrooms
(you mean you want to study in a place where, nevermind)

+alright, public restrooms in general

+alright, having to interrupt my daily activities to go to any bathroom at any time. I've waxed far too busy for these kinds of activities. i mean really.



Lyndsi Shae* said...

You know what I think about sometimes-- you can't even get someone to go the bathroom FOR you-- like everything else. It doesn't even matter how much they love you. Not possible.

Hey Brooklyn could you get me some water too? Oh, and pee for me? Thanks.



brooke said...

that's the tragedy.
boo, bathroom.

Ash said...

I, for one, think bathrooms are one of the most entertaining rooms of all rooms that have been invented. Except for maybe a room with trampoline walls, which I have yet to see. Or a room made out of fruit roll-ups (tongue tats included). People are more free to be themselves in public bathrooms than they are in any other sort of public room--such noises of comfort and relaxation would never fly in the kitchen. That is why timid people can sing in the bathroom*.

Want to laugh really hard? Imagine your staunchest professor pooping.

Yeah, I know.
I believe in the power of porcelain.

*see Recess episode when Mikey discovers his musicality

brooke said...


Jarm0160 said...

I hate honeybuckets more than anything. haha