Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I despise the word ‘network’ as a


Since when did people become

something to procedure as computers.

With computers.

I love this font.

I despise flakes and flecks and specks of things getting on my white shorts.

I love/despise BYU magazine:; love for all the

inspiring things people do, despise for the ridiculous

things people can accomplish and why the heck

haven’t I done such things, I am older than the girl

from Finland who moved out at 14 to live on her

own to be closer to her violin teacher so she could win bajillions of awards and prizes. ALSO, what

is this about some girl getting ORCA grants for her

research about steak browning?? Despise on this one.

I love running in the morning in summer alongside a

couple of the best creatures ever created.


I despise things that smell bad: today, the office

of computer dudes next door.

My life is uncomplicated, really.


Claire said...

Fonts, fonts, fonts. We all love fonts. And I love the title of your blog: Freedom. I despise the idea of an ORCA grant being awarded to steak-browning girls. I love that we're going to Acoustic EXPLOSION tonight: I'm going to explode with excitement.

kendra said...

My office smells quite good right now. Like delicious manly boy scent and it may just put me in a coma.

details to come later . . .

brooke said...


that's all i can say.
i feel that my comments get progressively less intelligent over time. which is fine.