Friday, July 17, 2009

The Seed (Part 2)

remember my seed exam? my marriage that i have loved and nurtured so faithfully? the seed i wrapped in saran wrap and a kitchen towel to keep it warm, and put under the table lamp every single day to watch it sprout? these have been the results.

well, i should be honest and tell you it's dead now. but it was a good run, seed. i loved you a lot. i still love you, dead as you are. i will forever remember you this way, with leaves and pretty purple blossoms.
good thing this isn't a type of things to come in the marriage department, riiiiggght!


kendra said...

Those purple buds were so beautiful. I am sad they are gone...

but I'm glad my dad's mug could have played a part!

kaTie said...

you're marrage is gunna blom than dye. ha

Claire said...

haha, Katie.
You took such artsy pictures of the seed, plant, flowers, mug, windowsill.
Let's have a photo shoot this weekend, yes?

brooke said...

ooooh, YES!!