Thursday, July 2, 2009


"I know I'm an emotional person. I get it. But this is getting a little ridiculous, self. You need to cool the jets.

I'm at the end of my rope some days. (By some days I mean these last several in a row.)

I'm tired of being up and down and whipped and whirled, swirled and swished. I'm tired of swimming without deep breaths-just gasps enough to go back under and tread in the torrent. Because I am tired I am impatient. I want to rest.

And somehow I'm too embarassed to post this."

I have no idea why I was too embarassed to post this on March 18th, 2009. This is how I was feeling then, I guess. Maybe I've just grown less cautious, or sommsing.

This is how I'm feeling today:

want to know why? when this picture was taken, it was because i was studying for finals and i had to have that fatty book in my lap.
now it is because i have to MAKE A BOOK like that to have in the music education department's lap. called a portfolio. in sixteen days.

i'll be done now. i do apologize.


Claire said...

I love when I leave a comment on a post you just published five minutes before.
I'm here for you. I want to know updates on voice lessons.
Also, the balloons are being launched again tomorrow.
And then again on Saturday. We haven't missed our chance.

kendra said...

I love being whiney. Don't stop.

kaylie jean said...

you can doooo it.